Moustache Kitty

The day I met Alex little did I know that not only would this little gentleman’s world change but mine would forever be transformed with his strength. Today my little moustache kitty turns 3!

Alex and I went through a lot of battles and overcame many hurdles together, to the point that I nearly lost him twice through a terrible stomach wound and bronchitis fever. Before adopting our little black & white kitten he had been a stray in a workshop. He was very much the loner kitty crouch-walking and waiting till everyone had eaten to see the morsels left for himself. At 4 months old, skin and bone alone. A lot has changed since then!

Over a year later all I can say is he is a real little fighter! My little “tweet-bug” was so brave and I am happy that he knew I loved him enough to never give up on him! He is such a part of our family! Today he runs around, not crouched at all, and tweets he’s way with greetings every morning and just about every time he enters a room. It’s incredible to have such a vocal kitty who doesn’t really ‘meow’ as I assume he never had been around a Mommy to teach him. He used to sound like a creaking squeak door and so I nicknamed him “tweet-tweet” (which with his name, he responds to) 😛 It’s most adorable and so him, even though he is learning a meow that sounds more like a hellooo!

He adapted well andloves all the other fur babies, our other 2 adopted cats and our Pug Sasha, and finds ways to be a real snuggle bunny with me early in the mornings! He has found a friend in Ozzy (Oscar) whom I also adopted months before him. They are wildly happy and have many adventures in the garden, sometimes the neighbours petless garden too or they rummage with my pencils and paintbrushes in the studio! 😛 He has the sweetest mannerisms and sits up when he asks for something and his little white paw gloves are always there to tap your hand or jump for butterflies in the yard. His little white moustachie and big turquoise eyes and huge heart of purrs is what makes him so amazing! I am so blessed to have him in my life!

Today I wish my lovely Alex the best birthday full of fishies and kisses because he deserves a life of love and health and happiness. I love this little kitty too much not to share his victories and presence to me!

I am very pro adopting animals as many have been neglected or abused and need homes with love and care. A home they can flourish in and contribute their presence. I do feel strongly about animal welfare and if I was able I would adopt more Alex babies to give them a second chance at love and health, I would. The returns of making this choice has enlightened my life and created priceless memories!


Here’s to many more happy years! xxx

Love you immensely!


    1. Thank you! ^_^ It’s a pleasure, I am from Gauteng so will be lovely to keep posted with your blog 🙂 thank you for popping by!


      1. Awe, well welcome! 🙂 It is always interesting to see the view from foreign eyes! I hope you enjoy your stay 🙂


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