Baby-Girl Oinks the Candles

She has been with me since I picked her from the litter, and the little soft round-faced big eyed girl with a spot of poop on her forehead stole my heart instantly!

So my venture to find MY puggly was a mission! She is the only pet I have ever purchased as I am very pro adoption now. However my dilemma started when I had watched “Men in Black”. The cheeky  jazz singing pug let me understand that  I need to have a pug in my life! Yes, my expectations were realistic but the character just sang to me!

Jessie (our miniature border collie) had gone through 3 loses of the 3 girls I grew up with for many years and as hard as it was for me in every goodbye, she deserved a friend to enjoy life with too. In my adventure I found many pugs,that very quickly found homes each time I returned. However,  I never found a connection with any, which is why I was still searching. It almost felt like there was one that was waiting for me and I needed to stick it out till I met her. I’m deep like that! Then one day I stood at a cage where one of the other pups got a little ill and the pet-shop owner ran to clean up and at the same time asked me to “keep an eye please”, opened the cage of pugs and handed me a pup with a smile, so I could see which one was not too distracted to notice me…but there and then in all the confusion…these big googly eyes and faint drop of dried poop on the forehead, was Sasha! In my hands staring up at me, locked in my eyes. DONE! I found her!

She made herself right at home! Cute grunts and running stumbles finding her way in our home and creeping into Jessies heart, and ours! As a pup she used to drink a bit of milk and run after me to clean her chin on my leg, it eventually became a game, as many more playful games occurred and many great memories! I was elated and so happy to give Sasha a loving home!

Now, years later she misses Jess* a lot but the kitties have embraced her so much! They rub, purring, against her, play gently and snuggle up close  with her for naps. She runs after them as there is this subtle hide and seek that happens at nights. She has natural catlike tendencies as a pug and the kitties love this! They will even take a pellet/cibble and play it around the kitchen with her, through the chairs, past corners, I love seeing her happy! When it’s summer and we are swimming she is in her element! She joined Jess a lot with water games and jumping to ‘catch’ splash waves! Sasha is the big cuddle bunny of the group and has the most expressive mannerisms, I truly wish I could capture her essence fully in an image! Today I celebrate her awesomeness!

I share this because these babies are a big part of my life and when pets have been so amazing in how they affect your life, you should tell the world. Its a special kind of love! A love that always gives back! That’s worth bragging about! 🙂



Here’s to many more! Love you muchos!




*Jessie (our border collie is no longer with us since last year and it honestly has been a blow to the family as she was one of those amazing animals and I will NEVER forget her and the impact she had on our lives and Sasha’s…I don’t want to sound too mellow but I will honour her in a later post! ❤


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