Rise & Shine!

Today I landed on this video and thought it to be super duper AWESOMENESS and wanted to share it with YOU, my friends!

It is very motivational in a kick a** kind of way and I have been inspired! Everyone is fighting a battle, envisioning a dream and seeing themselves less to others. It is a normal human trait to have negative, embed laziness and excuses be the for front of all the could be success, victory and vision!There is a sense that we are almost scared to succeed, because what then? But we should rather be asking, why not!

Forget the “norm” or common sense or even the path everyone has taken. We are all blessed with God given talents and we ought to use them to the best of our abilities and then some! So I urge you to take 3 min with this video and think where, what and how you will achieve that dream! That dream that is in your heart at this very moment! How will you make it happen? When will you rise and shine!


Feel free to share the love!

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