Venice Glow

Happy Monday Morning to you all!

Recently I did a shoot for a wonderful vibrant client and what I loved about it was two things. For one, she had never had a shoot done in her life and secondly she wanted to feel beautiful and spoil herself with one. She wanted the vibrancy and youthfulness that comes with the stigma of a fashion shoot. I loved this leap because I have many people that approach me for shoots but then shy away because they not 20something anymore, or they want to shed some weight, or they not “as pretty as the models I shoot” BUT they are waiting for the right time with excitement. My advice to them is NOW is the right time. Too often we delay things, creating that one thing as a final destination instead of a path to a greater more wonderous journey. We lack confidence in ourselves in fear of judgment, maybe the same judgment we might pass to others. But hey! That’s the society we live in. It is normal for us all to feel like this. My advice is, if you ever want to feel and LOOK as beautiful as you ARE already, to go for it! Find a photographer (could be me or someone you have admired for a long time) and book them, trust them and know that you can own it! I say that because most people don’t believe me when I tell them that majority of the models I shoot are not really models. Yup! I call them models because they are to me! They have something amazing and I get to be the one to capture it and that is awesome to be a part of! So what I am trying to say is, don’t give yourself too many excuses not to when there are so many reasons you ought to! Time waits for no-one but memories captured, beauty encapsulated…lasts forever.


Image details:

Photographer | Editorial | Stylist: Bernice Nelson

Model: Dorota Walus

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