Throw that Art on the wall!

Cape Town Photography Month had beckoned my name and I responded with glee!

I was really honoured and privilege to be a part of this! I’ve been doing this photography gig from January 2013 so it really has been quite an adventure for me and in the interim I seriously have been learning a lot about the industry and myself. Being originally a Fine Artist, paint and all things messy, I am honestly happy to also have found a digital way to express my visions and cater to the amazing opportunities that clients have given me!

Cape Town Exhibit 2014

Cape Town Exhibit 2014

Cape Town Exhibit 2014

There was SO much going on, with live local bands at the entrance and the hustle and bustle of great people who came out in support of the opening night! My better half landed up taking some shots…whilst I mingled because – people love!

Cape Town Exhibit 2014

Cape Town Exhibit 2014

Natascha Van Niekerk.

Cape Town Exhibit 2014

Maajiedah Satardien.

Cape Town Exhibit 2014

Claire Gunn.

Cape Town Exhibit 2014

Here with my big featured piece…was Waaaay more amazing in person to see it!

Cape Town Exhibit 2014

Group Shot!!!


Hope you enjoyed, always great sharing! my Mom&Dad, family & friends and the Lord…Amazing Love love love! Forever Grateful & blessed. xxx
Here’s to many more blessings and amazing opportunities!




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