“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners that make our souls blossom” – M. Proust.

Most women that query me about Fashion Boudoir are sceptics of their own beauty. Yes we have standards set by society and media and yet these standards keep altering due to the vast content of how different we all are. I always try convey to my clients that we are all model worthy and in fact have the right to brag a bit about our beauty. We are forever as a gender exalting others in media yet we stand in the shadows of a self we deem fat, unattractive or “not good enough”. I want every women to know that no matter what your journey is and where you are going, make sure it is filled with love. Love & respect for yourself and who you are, love for your body and mind, and love for those around you by showing your beauty in and out. It is too often that we excuse our dreamlike happiness for the concern of others and yet wish “if only” in years to come. I suggest that you find the key and courage to let yourself be worthy, capture your beauty and if you dare…be supermodelike! Know your worth, because if you don’t no-one else will.

In this image is one of the most amazing people you will meet, and this a fitting interpretation of the soul I saw through my lens, entitled “blossom”…because beginings and leaps are waiting.

Be a blessing to those around you and have a AWESOME Friday! x

Photography | Editorial | Styling: Bernice Nelson
Model: Tansyn
Make-up: Cindy Prinsloo


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