“I love the person I’ve become because I fought to become her” – K. Diane

This is one of my favourite shots of the lovely Tansyn. She had by no means envisioned being on top her diningroom table with heels and a jacket (like this at least) and I’m humbled and ecstatic I could make that happen! I place my models in the strangest places all for the sake of art and the perfect portrait capture. I believe moments like these are where I see the person truly in front of my lens and THAT is why I love what I do! There are many Tansyns out there, body image shy and judgment ready from a deranged society but the ones who take the leap and share their beauty in and out with the rest of us, to you I salute and click my camera because that’s brave and looks darn fabulous!

Have a fabulous Monday! Inspire each other! x

Bernice Nelson© 2015

*CLICK for bigger view!

Photography | Editorial | Styling: Bernice Nelson
Model: Tansyn 
Make-up & Hair: Cindy Prinsloo

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