About Me

Hey you! Welcome to my blog! 

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This is me! Squeezed tightly and effortlessly into digital format. I am told the real version is exceedingly delightful, however that is not possible and so I use this glorious space to manifest all I can be, to you. I create, capture, dazzle, express, accept challenge, scribble, conquer, dare to dream and love my way through life.

A constant world of exploration and collaboration….This is my platform to share. I can only hope to make the world smile a bit brighter.



  1. Hello there
    Just wanted to thank you for kindly visiting and following my blog. Your’s sounds fascinating and I shall look forward to returning soon?
    Nice to hear from you


    1. Thank you Bob! I appreciate you dropping by and saying hi. Pleasure, I look forward to your posts, thank you for the follow!


  2. Hi Bernice,
    Glad to know you through the net 🙂
    Thank you for your visit and also for your follow. Your blog is great, and I’ll definitely be back here from time to time to enjoy your posts


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