Little Paradise

Part 2

‘Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it’ – Roald Dahl

A child fantasy image…very happy to have created this storybook image for little Aneke with her love for animals and the outdoors…and the pure excitement she gave seeing this image (with her toys and loves) for the first time made my heart SO happy! Amazing little girl.

Have a beautiful week further all!

Photography | Edit: Bernice Nelson
Model: Aneke
Assist: Charmaine Nelson


Break Through

‘I dream my painting then paint my dream’ – Vincent Van Gogh.

Many people always wonder HOW it started with me. Why do I love portraiture so much.
I think it would be a mix of my Dads inspiring work, parents encouragement and also the blood sweat and tears I left in my old high school art classroom. I never knew what I was good at till January 2000. I suddenly just understood what I was seeing, like a switch went on. I discovered an art talent while others where discovering popularity or science…and I have known ever since then that I should do all I can to mould it and see where it takes me! It has been, and still is, quite a wonderful blessed journey! But it all started with a pencil.
Here’s a flashback Friday of a sketch I did in the early days. I will share more of my work on this topic in due course. 🙂