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It’s that time of year where candy is plenty and tricks are cheap, hope your Halloween is fun & dazzling till you get the creeps. šŸ˜›

Have a safe, happy Halloween & don’t harm the animals! xx

*This is a random pic of usĀ playing around with face paint on this festive day! ā¤ Enjoy!


Photographer | Edit | MUA: Bernice Nelson
Model: Kyle Moncur



I’ve been m.i.a with shoots because someone decided to steel my gear a whileĀ back; (took forever) but I’M BACK! Busy with edits from a great shoot with the lovely Alcinda this last weekend..more images to come soon! Thank you to all the great people that support my passion xx

Love from the Studio.

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“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners that make our souls blossom” – M. Proust.

Most women that query me about Fashion Boudoir are sceptics of their own beauty. Yes we have standards set by society and media and yet these standards keep altering due to the vast content of how different we all are. I always try convey to my clients that we are all model worthy and in fact have the right to brag a bit about our beauty. We are forever as a gender exalting others in media yet we stand in the shadows of a self we deem fat, unattractive or “not good enough”. I want every women to know that no matter what your journey is and where you are going, make sure it is filled with love. Love & respect for yourself and who you are, love for your body and mind, and love for those around you by showing your beauty in and out. It is too often that we excuse our dreamlike happiness for the concern of others and yet wish “if only” in years to come. I suggest that you find the key and courage to let yourself be worthy, capture your beauty and if you dare…be supermodelike! Know your worth, because if you don’t no-one else will.

In this image is one of the most amazing people you will meet, and this a fitting interpretation of the soul I saw through my lens, entitled “blossom”…because beginings and leaps are waiting.

Be a blessing to those around you and have a AWESOME Friday! x

Photography | Editorial | Styling: Bernice Nelson
Model: Tansyn
Make-up: Cindy Prinsloo

Throw that Art on the wall!

Cape Town Photography Month had beckoned my name and I responded with glee!

I was really honoured and privilege to be a part of this! I’ve been doing this photography gig from January 2013 so it really has been quite an adventure for me and in the interim I seriously have been learning a lot about the industry and myself. Being originally a Fine Artist, paint and all things messy, I am honestly happy to also have found a digital way to express my visions and cater to the amazing opportunities that clients have given me!

Cape Town Exhibit 2014

Cape Town Exhibit 2014

Cape Town Exhibit 2014

There was SO much going on, with live local bands at the entrance and the hustle and bustle of great people who came out in support of the opening night! My better half landed up taking some shots…whilst I mingled because – people love!

Cape Town Exhibit 2014

Cape Town Exhibit 2014

Natascha Van Niekerk.

Cape Town Exhibit 2014

Maajiedah Satardien.

Cape Town Exhibit 2014

Claire Gunn.

Cape Town Exhibit 2014

Here with my big featured piece…was Waaaay more amazing in person to see it!

Cape Town Exhibit 2014

Group Shot!!!


Hope you enjoyed, always great sharing! my Mom&Dad, family & friends and the Lord…Amazing Love love love! Forever Grateful & blessed. xxx
Here’s to many more blessings and amazing opportunities!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

Following a recent amount of blessed achievements that allowed me travel and exhibiting my work has really been an achievement in itself but amongst the journey I found little achievements that provided secret smiles and happiness of a different kind. One of these was when I was taken to a quaint little bird sanctuary.

Walking briskly through the reed path to a little hidden wooden room with little wooden flap windows, I found a little piece of heaven. I was allowed into a special place with a voyeuristic view on beautiful wild birds.

Bernice NelsonĀ© 2014

Finding these gems are sure fire amazing! We had heard the bustling of little voices and lo and behold they were right below us, outside. Gently opening the wooden window view portal we could hear the excitement of the little blue baby birds below, which happened to be singing excitedly at the site of their Mother flying in each time to feed them! My heart jumped with joy! So close to such beauty! Now, by no means am I nature photographer of any sort but if an opportunity presents itself, by gawsh, I’ll take it!

So I leaned the camera ever so nervously outside facing down the wooden wall with only the knowledge of random test shots to assess my baby birds positioning. After a few failed attempts, I waited patiently for the next burst of excitement from them to let me know when Mom would swoop in, and within seconds..It happened! I got the shot! I was so elated with being that close in my rigid stance to capture something so precious and be able to share the beauty that it all encapsulated. After that I enjoyed the rest of the scenic offerings with peace of mind that my viewfinder captured a moment that meant a lot for me. Little moments of achievement.

I have yet to find out the species but they sure are beautiful!

Hope you like it as much! I think I will print these for the walls too! …Happiness!


If you would like to take part in the Weekly Challenge click here! šŸ™‚

Rise & Shine!

Today I landed on this video and thought it to be super duper AWESOMENESS and wanted to share it with YOU, my friends!

It is very motivational in a kick a** kind of way and I have been inspired! Everyone is fighting a battle, envisioning a dream and seeing themselves less to others. It is a normal human trait to have negative, embed laziness and excuses be the for front of all the could be success, victory and vision!There is a sense that we are almost scared to succeed, because what then? But we should rather be asking, why not!

Forget the “norm” or common sense or even the path everyone has taken. We are all blessed with God given talents and we ought to use them to the best of our abilities and then some! So I urge you to take 3 min with this video and think where, what and how you will achieve that dream! That dream that is in your heart at this very moment! How will you make it happen? When will you rise and shine!


Feel free to share the love!