Graphite Drawings

Break Through

‘I dream my painting then paint my dream’ – Vincent Van Gogh.

Many people always wonder HOW it started with me. Why do I love portraiture so much.
I think it would be a mix of my Dads inspiring work, parents encouragement and also the blood sweat and tears I left in my old high school art classroom. I never knew what I was good at till January 2000. I suddenly just understood what I was seeing, like a switch went on. I discovered an art talent while others where discovering popularity or science…and I have known ever since then that I should do all I can to mould it and see where it takes me! It has been, and still is, quite a wonderful blessed journey! But it all started with a pencil.
Here’s a flashback Friday of a sketch I did in the early days. I will share more of my work on this topic in due course. 🙂