It’s that time of year where candy is plenty and tricks are cheap, hope your Halloween is fun & dazzling till you get the creeps. šŸ˜›

Have a safe, happy Halloween & don’t harm the animals! xx

*This is a random pic of usĀ playing around with face paint on this festive day! ā¤ Enjoy!


Photographer | Edit | MUA: Bernice Nelson
Model: Kyle Moncur


Baby-Girls Birthday!

To a special little girl…my playful-talkative-guzzling- funnybunny! Happy Birthday Sasha! You are awesomeness and so full of jokes and love, you have been there for me through a lot and always brighten my days with your big loving eyes and gummy-bear bites and nuzzles.

Sasha - copyright Bernice Nelson

Sasha poolside, loving Summertime!

We love you so much my bugaboo!

Here’s to many many more doggy years and people years with us all together, Happy and healthy! MWAH!


With the headstrong start to the New Year I hope you find peace and solace with the ones we love in the corners of little beautiful escapes, wherever they be. May it be a prosperous year for you all. x

Here is my entry for the Weekly Challenge “Serenity”

“Secret Garden”
Photography | Editorial: Bernice Nelson
Model: Tiana Munthree
Make-up: Nicole Gray

Throw that Art on the wall!

Cape Town Photography Month had beckoned my name and I responded with glee!

I was really honoured and privilege to be a part of this! I’ve been doing this photography gig from January 2013 so it really has been quite an adventure for me and in the interim I seriously have been learning a lot about the industry and myself. Being originally a Fine Artist, paint and all things messy, I am honestly happy to also have found a digital way to express my visions and cater to the amazing opportunities that clients have given me!

Cape Town Exhibit 2014

Cape Town Exhibit 2014

Cape Town Exhibit 2014

There was SO much going on, with live local bands at the entrance and the hustle and bustle of great people who came out in support of the opening night! My better half landed up taking some shots…whilst I mingled because – people love!

Cape Town Exhibit 2014

Cape Town Exhibit 2014

Natascha Van Niekerk.

Cape Town Exhibit 2014

Maajiedah Satardien.

Cape Town Exhibit 2014

Claire Gunn.

Cape Town Exhibit 2014

Here with my big featured piece…was Waaaay more amazing in person to see it!

Cape Town Exhibit 2014

Group Shot!!!


Hope you enjoyed, always great sharing! my Mom&Dad, family & friends and the Lord…Amazing Love love love! Forever Grateful & blessed. xxx
Here’s to many more blessings and amazing opportunities!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

Following a recent amount of blessed achievements that allowed me travel and exhibiting my work has really been an achievement in itself but amongst the journey I found little achievements that provided secret smiles and happiness of a different kind. One of these was when I was taken to a quaint little bird sanctuary.

Walking briskly through the reed path to a little hidden wooden room with little wooden flap windows, I found a little piece of heaven. I was allowed into a special place with a voyeuristic view on beautiful wild birds.

Bernice NelsonĀ© 2014

Finding these gems are sure fire amazing! We had heard the bustling of little voices and lo and behold they were right below us, outside. Gently opening the wooden window view portal we could hear the excitement of the little blue baby birds below, which happened to be singing excitedly at the site of their Mother flying in each time to feed them! My heart jumped with joy! So close to such beauty! Now, by no means am I nature photographer of any sort but if an opportunity presents itself, by gawsh, I’ll take it!

So I leaned the camera ever so nervously outside facing down the wooden wall with only the knowledge of random test shots to assess my baby birds positioning. After a few failed attempts, I waited patiently for the next burst of excitement from them to let me know when Mom would swoop in, and within seconds..It happened! I got the shot! I was so elated with being that close in my rigid stance to capture something so precious and be able to share the beauty that it all encapsulated. After that I enjoyed the rest of the scenic offerings with peace of mind that my viewfinder captured a moment that meant a lot for me. Little moments of achievement.

I have yet to find out the species but they sure are beautiful!

Hope you like it as much! I think I will print these for the walls too! …Happiness!


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

Haven’t posted in WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge for a while. I’d love to enter this image of mine for the “Minimalist” Challenge! I love the look of the model and the dark eery yet beautiful space.


Hope you like!

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Follow your dreams, they know the way. – Kobe Yamada


Fashion Surreal Photoshoot. Originally titled “Equilibrium”. This is one of my first levitation images I have actually created! Hope you like.

Photographer & Editor: Bernice Nelson Ā  |Ā Ā  Make-up & Hair: Barbara Briel Ā  | Ā  Model: Carla Lamprecht



Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!

– Bob Marley

When I initially saw this weeks WordPress Photo challenge my head spun a whole different direction with Ace of Base playing in the background of my mind. I decided to take a more personal, reflective, artistic, unconventionalĀ  approach because that’s just what I do!

Hope you like!

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Night Time

ā€œDarkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.ā€
ā€• Martin Luther King Jr

For this weeks entry I wanted to give an image that I took totally unplanned. I actually was moving up from the ground after shooting the model in a pose and as she sat up and looked through the trees I snapped it up. Mind you in a half crunch, sticks and rocks pushing in my hip pose myself! šŸ˜› Hope you like the final edit!

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Endurance is Patience Concentrated. – Thomas Carlyle.

Oh man was I thrilled to discover a photography community here on WordPress!

This weeks Photo Challenge was themed: Endurance. Seeing as I’m new here on WordPress, what better way to dive into the deep end!

Persistence, insight and focus created in it’s magical capacity. Which is why I chose this image, I took, originally titled ‘Ignite’ as I felt the journey of discovery is always at ones grasp and the capabilities to see it is to endure.

I hope you like it! I would love to share more in the coming weeks.

Till the next Challenge!Ā  šŸ™‚

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