It’s that time of year where candy is plenty and tricks are cheap, hope your Halloween is fun & dazzling till you get the creeps. 😛

Have a safe, happy Halloween & don’t harm the animals! xx

*This is a random pic of us playing around with face paint on this festive day! ❤ Enjoy!


Photographer | Edit | MUA: Bernice Nelson
Model: Kyle Moncur



There is no way to sugar coat it, I’m turning 30 and soooo loving it! I thought I wouldn’t based on the stigma. Like I would have to lie about my age even tough many think I am still 23 on meeting…but till you leave your 20’s with utter bliss, accomplishment and more knowledge and experience of life, love and laughter than before…you have something amazing to look forward to! I am truly blessed with all the opportunities and talents that God has graced me with and most of all my amazing family and dear friends!

So today I celebrate me, new beginnings to a whole new chapter of adventures! The roots and foundation of my life have been set and now I am ready for to conquer what is ahead! I am forever grateful.

Today is the beginning of what 16-year-old me wanted, what 21-year-old me worked day and late nights for, what 25-year-old me learned hard lessons from and what 28-year-old me lite afire in my heart to keep going…Today is me giving a high-five to my 4-year-old self for always being stubborn, asking questions, remaining polite and loving and never giving up on my dreams. Today is a milestone! Today I celebrate the next leap of amazingness! 🙂

A special thank you to all that have supported me here too, big huggs and cake for you all!

Love from the studio.

Bern x