Princess Momo

There is a princess inside all of us.


Cutie Momo celebrating her Birthday in style with her surprise Frozen Birthday Cake from Mum….Happy Birthday!!!

Photography | Edit: Bernice Nelson
Family: Ngobeni
Assist: Charmaine Nelson



Phambane Family


Photographer | Edit: Bernice Nelson

Assist: Charmaine Nelson


Lutendo & Nduvho

‘Because I have a Brother, I always have a friend’


Birthday’s are always special moments to share with loved ones…these two beautiful boys, brothers, shared their Party together with all their Family & friends.


Photographer | Edit: Bernice Nelson
Client: Matsatsi Phambane
Assist: Charmaine Nelson



Birthday Details…

Baby-Girls Birthday!

To a special little girl…my playful-talkative-guzzling- funnybunny! Happy Birthday Sasha! You are awesomeness and so full of jokes and love, you have been there for me through a lot and always brighten my days with your big loving eyes and gummy-bear bites and nuzzles.

Sasha - copyright Bernice Nelson

Sasha poolside, loving Summertime!

We love you so much my bugaboo!

Here’s to many many more doggy years and people years with us all together, Happy and healthy! MWAH!

ALEX, my lovebugs Birthday

This post is dedicated to what I deem the Birthday of my amazing Alex.

Alex - copyright Bernice Nelson

Copyright Bernice Nelson

HAPPY BIRTHDAY moustache kitty! We love you immensely and cannot think about our lives without you…the memory of the day we met where you were frail, thin and alone on a workshop floor yard and all the memories and battles we have fought between for your health and LOOK AT YOU! You are so intelligent, thoughtful and loving with your quirky tweetlike manner. My studio kitty and lover to all in our lovely family. I write as though you can read but know that you are very aware of how much you mean to me by my way of cuddles, kisses, treats and walks we do! You are a blessing and nothing less. I love you my tweetbug…always!


Happy 4th Birthday Alex!


More on Alex’s story here.


There is no way to sugar coat it, I’m turning 30 and soooo loving it! I thought I wouldn’t based on the stigma. Like I would have to lie about my age even tough many think I am still 23 on meeting…but till you leave your 20’s with utter bliss, accomplishment and more knowledge and experience of life, love and laughter than before…you have something amazing to look forward to! I am truly blessed with all the opportunities and talents that God has graced me with and most of all my amazing family and dear friends!

So today I celebrate me, new beginnings to a whole new chapter of adventures! The roots and foundation of my life have been set and now I am ready for to conquer what is ahead! I am forever grateful.

Today is the beginning of what 16-year-old me wanted, what 21-year-old me worked day and late nights for, what 25-year-old me learned hard lessons from and what 28-year-old me lite afire in my heart to keep going…Today is me giving a high-five to my 4-year-old self for always being stubborn, asking questions, remaining polite and loving and never giving up on my dreams. Today is a milestone! Today I celebrate the next leap of amazingness! 🙂

A special thank you to all that have supported me here too, big huggs and cake for you all!

Love from the studio.

Bern x

Baby-Girl Oinks the Candles

She has been with me since I picked her from the litter, and the little soft round-faced big eyed girl with a spot of poop on her forehead stole my heart instantly!

So my venture to find MY puggly was a mission! She is the only pet I have ever purchased as I am very pro adoption now. However my dilemma started when I had watched “Men in Black”. The cheeky  jazz singing pug let me understand that  I need to have a pug in my life! Yes, my expectations were realistic but the character just sang to me!

Jessie (our miniature border collie) had gone through 3 loses of the 3 girls I grew up with for many years and as hard as it was for me in every goodbye, she deserved a friend to enjoy life with too. In my adventure I found many pugs,that very quickly found homes each time I returned. However,  I never found a connection with any, which is why I was still searching. It almost felt like there was one that was waiting for me and I needed to stick it out till I met her. I’m deep like that! Then one day I stood at a cage where one of the other pups got a little ill and the pet-shop owner ran to clean up and at the same time asked me to “keep an eye please”, opened the cage of pugs and handed me a pup with a smile, so I could see which one was not too distracted to notice me…but there and then in all the confusion…these big googly eyes and faint drop of dried poop on the forehead, was Sasha! In my hands staring up at me, locked in my eyes. DONE! I found her!

She made herself right at home! Cute grunts and running stumbles finding her way in our home and creeping into Jessies heart, and ours! As a pup she used to drink a bit of milk and run after me to clean her chin on my leg, it eventually became a game, as many more playful games occurred and many great memories! I was elated and so happy to give Sasha a loving home!

Now, years later she misses Jess* a lot but the kitties have embraced her so much! They rub, purring, against her, play gently and snuggle up close  with her for naps. She runs after them as there is this subtle hide and seek that happens at nights. She has natural catlike tendencies as a pug and the kitties love this! They will even take a pellet/cibble and play it around the kitchen with her, through the chairs, past corners, I love seeing her happy! When it’s summer and we are swimming she is in her element! She joined Jess a lot with water games and jumping to ‘catch’ splash waves! Sasha is the big cuddle bunny of the group and has the most expressive mannerisms, I truly wish I could capture her essence fully in an image! Today I celebrate her awesomeness!

I share this because these babies are a big part of my life and when pets have been so amazing in how they affect your life, you should tell the world. Its a special kind of love! A love that always gives back! That’s worth bragging about! 🙂



Here’s to many more! Love you muchos!




*Jessie (our border collie is no longer with us since last year and it honestly has been a blow to the family as she was one of those amazing animals and I will NEVER forget her and the impact she had on our lives and Sasha’s…I don’t want to sound too mellow but I will honour her in a later post! ❤

Moustache Kitty

The day I met Alex little did I know that not only would this little gentleman’s world change but mine would forever be transformed with his strength. Today my little moustache kitty turns 3!

Alex and I went through a lot of battles and overcame many hurdles together, to the point that I nearly lost him twice through a terrible stomach wound and bronchitis fever. Before adopting our little black & white kitten he had been a stray in a workshop. He was very much the loner kitty crouch-walking and waiting till everyone had eaten to see the morsels left for himself. At 4 months old, skin and bone alone. A lot has changed since then!

Over a year later all I can say is he is a real little fighter! My little “tweet-bug” was so brave and I am happy that he knew I loved him enough to never give up on him! He is such a part of our family! Today he runs around, not crouched at all, and tweets he’s way with greetings every morning and just about every time he enters a room. It’s incredible to have such a vocal kitty who doesn’t really ‘meow’ as I assume he never had been around a Mommy to teach him. He used to sound like a creaking squeak door and so I nicknamed him “tweet-tweet” (which with his name, he responds to) 😛 It’s most adorable and so him, even though he is learning a meow that sounds more like a hellooo!

He adapted well andloves all the other fur babies, our other 2 adopted cats and our Pug Sasha, and finds ways to be a real snuggle bunny with me early in the mornings! He has found a friend in Ozzy (Oscar) whom I also adopted months before him. They are wildly happy and have many adventures in the garden, sometimes the neighbours petless garden too or they rummage with my pencils and paintbrushes in the studio! 😛 He has the sweetest mannerisms and sits up when he asks for something and his little white paw gloves are always there to tap your hand or jump for butterflies in the yard. His little white moustachie and big turquoise eyes and huge heart of purrs is what makes him so amazing! I am so blessed to have him in my life!

Today I wish my lovely Alex the best birthday full of fishies and kisses because he deserves a life of love and health and happiness. I love this little kitty too much not to share his victories and presence to me!

I am very pro adopting animals as many have been neglected or abused and need homes with love and care. A home they can flourish in and contribute their presence. I do feel strongly about animal welfare and if I was able I would adopt more Alex babies to give them a second chance at love and health, I would. The returns of making this choice has enlightened my life and created priceless memories!


Here’s to many more happy years! xxx

Love you immensely!