Stephanie & Sershan

The collection of my shoot with the lovely Stephanie & Sershan. They decided to go for the unconventional method on their Wedding day! So we met up in the beautiful Pretoria Botanical Gardens, 31 Dec, before they headed for the courthouse to start 2017 as a married couple! Both having lost their Fathers in earlier years felt that the images of them holding their parents wedding days was a great way to have them there on theirs! I think it was a lovely thing to do and am most happy to have captured it! Many blessings for their future together!


Tree of Love

“For those who love, time is eternal” – W. Shakespeare

When Stephanie called me up for a shoot that was unconventional and super special to them and Family, I was excited to be part of it! Before heading out to court they wanted to capture some special Photos to concrete this momentous occasion of Marital union and Family. More to come of this beautiful couple and their loved ones.

Photographer | Edit: Bernice Nelson
Assist: Charmaine Nelson
Couple: Stephanie & Sershan Pillay

The Leap

“But what if I fall?”…
“Oh, but Darling, what if you fly.”

– E. Hanson.

I trust your New Year is off to a brave start! ❤ Happy 2016!

Photography | Edit: Bernice Nelson
Model: Mauryn Grundlingh
Makeup | Hair: Henryka Stevens
Assist: Charmaine Nelson

Break Through

‘I dream my painting then paint my dream’ – Vincent Van Gogh.

Many people always wonder HOW it started with me. Why do I love portraiture so much.
I think it would be a mix of my Dads inspiring work, parents encouragement and also the blood sweat and tears I left in my old high school art classroom. I never knew what I was good at till January 2000. I suddenly just understood what I was seeing, like a switch went on. I discovered an art talent while others where discovering popularity or science…and I have known ever since then that I should do all I can to mould it and see where it takes me! It has been, and still is, quite a wonderful blessed journey! But it all started with a pencil.
Here’s a flashback Friday of a sketch I did in the early days. I will share more of my work on this topic in due course. 🙂


..Horaaay! I’ve been M.I.A but have some great projects to share that I’ve been working on and more to come! Please follow me to keep posted and be able to leave comment with new postings!

Happy Monday all!

Much love from the studio x

Photography & Edit: Bernice Nelson
Model: Kyle Moncur


Endurance is Patience Concentrated. – Thomas Carlyle.

Oh man was I thrilled to discover a photography community here on WordPress!

This weeks Photo Challenge was themed: Endurance. Seeing as I’m new here on WordPress, what better way to dive into the deep end!

Persistence, insight and focus created in it’s magical capacity. Which is why I chose this image, I took, originally titled ‘Ignite’ as I felt the journey of discovery is always at ones grasp and the capabilities to see it is to endure.

I hope you like it! I would love to share more in the coming weeks.

Till the next Challenge!  🙂

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