Stephanie & Sershan

The collection of my shoot with the lovely Stephanie & Sershan. They decided to go for the unconventional method on their Wedding day! So we met up in the beautiful Pretoria Botanical Gardens, 31 Dec, before they headed for the courthouse to start 2017 as a married couple! Both having lost their Fathers in earlier years felt that the images of them holding their parents wedding days was a great way to have them there on theirs! I think it was a lovely thing to do and am most happy to have captured it! Many blessings for their future together!



“Love is promise, love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear” – John Lennon

Photographer | Edit: Bernice Nelson
Assist: Charmaine Nelson
Couple: Stephanie & Sershan Pillay


Echos of Love

This image was very important to my lovely couple and rightfully so! Images of their parents on their own wedding days as a feature in their special day!

Have an amazing Friyay! x

Photographer | Edit: Bernice Nelson
Assist: Charmaine Nelson
Couple: Stephanie & Sershan Pillay


“In your own life it’s important to know how spectacular you are” – S. Maraboli.


Really enjoyed this shoot with the stunning Yvonne…surprise Anniversary gifts for husbands are always a winner! ..more coming soon. x


Photography | Edit: Bernice Nelson
Model: Yvonne Coetsee
Make-up | Hair: Cindy Prinsloo

Potgieter Family

My Throwback to the fun shoot with this lovely family! The Potgieters!



It’s that time of year where candy is plenty and tricks are cheap, hope your Halloween is fun & dazzling till you get the creeps. 😛

Have a safe, happy Halloween & don’t harm the animals! xx

*This is a random pic of us playing around with face paint on this festive day! ❤ Enjoy!


Photographer | Edit | MUA: Bernice Nelson
Model: Kyle Moncur

Hay-Stack Blues

This was super fun! My first night shoot..which at first I was like “Aaaaaaaah!?” as it was rather unplanned and we were running late, because farms are big! BUT, So worth it!!! I would do it again! Overall this farm venue is so beeautiful and everything wasworth it.  I’ll share more soon!

Bernice Nelson© 2015

Click for Larger view!

For now…here’s a country style shoot for the lovely Carla – all for her upcoming duet album recordings. Hope you like! ❤


Photographer | Edit | Styling: Bernice Nelson
Model: Carla Lamprecht
Makeup: Henryka Stevens
Assist: Charmaine Nelson, Connie Geldenhuis.


‘Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle, ever!’

…because haters gonna hate and potatoes gonna potate 😛


Photographer | Edit: Bernice Nelson
Model: Alcinda Massango
Makeup: Cindy Prinsloo
Assist: Charmaine Nelson

Ebony & Ivory

So this just happened! …Ok, my last saucy shot of the day! This couple! Ai! 🙂


It is never normal to be intimate with direction but once the comfort zone strikes the beauty just explodes and that’s what this image does for me. I am fortunate that people allow me in the comfort space on a daily basis. This, makes it worth it! Risky and gorgeous.

Photographer | Edit: Bernice Nelson
Model: Alcinda Massango
Makeup: Cindy Prinsloo
Assist: Charmaine Nelson


Quick behind the scenes love. For me, it is very rare to see men supporting their beautiful women in this industry; but when they do it looks like this! All seen in the giddy love and allure. So precious.

Photographer | Edit: Bernice Nelson
Model: Alcinda Massango
Makeup: Cindy Prinsloo
Assist: Charmaine Nelson

The Autumn Wander

“Change is the essence of life, be willing to surrender who you are for what you could become”

This is an artistic portrait I did and morphed into a composite inspired by the depth of the natural environment I found myself in. Also, whilst talking to my models I tend to find out a bit about them and I feel a lot of the images with Sankara are an inspired depth and tranquillity on her part. Plus, I totally loved shooting her natural hair and eclectic vibe! This is why I love portrait photography because no two people can capture the same essence in an image concept/final.

As with all seasons of change, I hope you are all keeping warm, as it’s hitting Autumn here in South Africa, and internally open to the new chapters that could be.

Have a beautiful Friday all! If you like my work be sure to follow my page please. x

Photography | Editorial | Styling: Bernice Nelson
Model: Sankara Sky
Make-up: Nicole Gray

Dusk Bliss

“There are times where we stop, we sit still, we listen and breezes from a whole other world whisper.” – J. Carroll

Happy Friday You! May it be filled with bliss and relaxation after the busy week! x

Photography | Editorial | Styling: Bernice Nelson
Model: Tansyn 
Make-up & Hair: Cindy Prinsloo

Enigmatic Bliss

“Use your smile to change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile”

It’s the weekend! I don’t know about you but January and February were like 8 minutes long! *cringe. Hope everyone is making memorable moments and enjoying all the quirky things in between.

Here is to Happy Friday-vibes! Have a great one! x

Photography | Editorial | Styling: Bernice Nelson
Model: Tansyn 
Make-up & Hair: Cindy Prinsloo

Loves Darkest Depths

Just like the heart can be place of safety and pain..a place of beauty, peace, and depth. A flame with two faces.

I enjoy the juxtaposition of fashion and the surreal. Hope you like lovely shoot with th beautiful Sankara…also wishing here a lovely birthday today x

Photographer | Editorial | Style: Bernice Nelson
Model: Sankara Sky
Makeup: Nicole Gray

Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

Following a recent amount of blessed achievements that allowed me travel and exhibiting my work has really been an achievement in itself but amongst the journey I found little achievements that provided secret smiles and happiness of a different kind. One of these was when I was taken to a quaint little bird sanctuary.

Walking briskly through the reed path to a little hidden wooden room with little wooden flap windows, I found a little piece of heaven. I was allowed into a special place with a voyeuristic view on beautiful wild birds.

Bernice Nelson© 2014

Finding these gems are sure fire amazing! We had heard the bustling of little voices and lo and behold they were right below us, outside. Gently opening the wooden window view portal we could hear the excitement of the little blue baby birds below, which happened to be singing excitedly at the site of their Mother flying in each time to feed them! My heart jumped with joy! So close to such beauty! Now, by no means am I nature photographer of any sort but if an opportunity presents itself, by gawsh, I’ll take it!

So I leaned the camera ever so nervously outside facing down the wooden wall with only the knowledge of random test shots to assess my baby birds positioning. After a few failed attempts, I waited patiently for the next burst of excitement from them to let me know when Mom would swoop in, and within seconds..It happened! I got the shot! I was so elated with being that close in my rigid stance to capture something so precious and be able to share the beauty that it all encapsulated. After that I enjoyed the rest of the scenic offerings with peace of mind that my viewfinder captured a moment that meant a lot for me. Little moments of achievement.

I have yet to find out the species but they sure are beautiful!

Hope you like it as much! I think I will print these for the walls too! …Happiness!


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