wedding day

Stephanie & Sershan

The collection of my shoot with the lovely Stephanie & Sershan. They decided to go for the unconventional method on their Wedding day! So we met up in the beautiful Pretoria Botanical Gardens, 31 Dec, before they headed for the courthouse to start 2017 as a married couple! Both having lost their Fathers in earlier years felt that the images of them holding their parents wedding days was a great way to have them there on theirs! I think it was a lovely thing to do and am most happy to have captured it! Many blessings for their future together!


Mpho & Edgar’s Wedding

I had the privildege of capturing this beautiful couples special day! These are some of the beauties that come from it!


You might not believe it but we had like 5 minutes to shoot this as we were running nearly 5 hours late and the STORM! I am so thankful we had this horses alley to shoot in (even with the storm, rain and wind) thankful how it came out! 🙂



Some behind the scenes…